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  • mathias0207 - 17-08-2017 5:21:10 pm
    10 /10
  • Hellfire212 - 17-08-2017 4:56:19 pm
    at gratimus01 you're the only one who gives a damn ! let it go budy (he did!)you're the one who cares!! do you.. too much blablabla it's really boring for the rest of us this site has an excellent episode tracker and like nervertheless i just check everyday but god..this site it's worse than tinder lol
  • grantimus01 - 17-08-2017 3:49:08 pm
    as you cared enough to try convince people otherwise which is like shooting yourself in the foot lol. This lame-ass human is a cracking laugh to just read the knuckle-swinging, childish retorts .... Its like a kid with a poor vocabulary and mentality is trying to mingle with intellects and academics ... all they have to do is open their mouth for the condescension to start.
  • grantimus01 - 17-08-2017 3:47:53 pm
    you really dont ... your entire message history is displayed on your profile, one quick gander there shows everyone what a bellend you are. P.s) want some dead great irony/hypocrisy? You tried to bash someone else for "imitating insults" when thats EXACTLY what you do and I pointed that out aaages ago ... I coughed on my tea this morning with mirthful laughter at that. If you dont care, why keep posting the same regurgitated bullshit about "not caring" ... which is again, ironic, as you cared
  • nevertheless - 17-08-2017 9:56:12 am
    TO all MY haters,GO FUCK YOUSELVES i don't care i only come here for the ep tracker so keep on the childish bushit for what i care,love your haters <3<3<3 lol
  • nevertheless - 17-08-2017 9:52:31 am
    NYstupid Mike Lmaooo and you repeat every thing that people already wrote like a like the little trained dog that you are,go watch your little shows child
  • Climatizat - 17-08-2017 9:22:24 am
    10 /10
    Damnn!!!! (S7E6)
  • Jazz8 - 17-08-2017 5:35:22 am
    Damn!!! Now that was Da Bomb! (S7E6) Wheew! Let me breathe....Woosah
  • Nymike40 - 17-08-2017 3:48:34 am
    1 /10
    Awh look at that We got our trained bitch Nevertheless to realize leaked episode are a thing. Good girl! Now roll over!
  • Danyboy - 16-08-2017 11:25:15 pm
    ucking knew that woul happen the game is on now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dany c'mon!!!!!!!!!
  • aragog97 - 16-08-2017 10:50:03 pm
    10 /10
    Holy fucking shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit :O I never imagined something like this, killer episode.
  • jasmine1971 - 16-08-2017 10:38:23 pm
    Is season 5 the last season or is this being renewed?
  • grantimus01 - 16-08-2017 5:10:24 pm
    8 /10
    Ill be straight up, season 1 was used as background noise ... until the last few episodes where you get past the cheesy jokes and learn to like them ... and the story for season 2!! BAM! and the action, and lasers! and space fights and yeah .... Its clear why season 3 exists after that amazing turnaround!
  • lasan0609 - 16-08-2017 4:23:44 pm
    Winter had come too soon. GOT S7E6 Leaked,
  • winnie01 - 16-08-2017 2:03:13 pm
    6 /10
    I like the story, but the actress that is portraying the mother works on my nerves. The acting is really bad in my opinion.
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